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See md doc SAFRED-updates_planning for initial work
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# SAFRED updates for freshwaterCore
To do:
* Check organisation of GitLab project
* Review current version of “simple” occurrence core organisation [first pass 11/10/2016]
* Compile existing (e.g. EU BON) documentation on event core
* Check details of OBIS implementation/extension
* Provide guidance document on choice between event and occurrence core (and use of extensions)
* Draft recommendations specific for event core
* Select relevant elements of occurrence core to be adopted under event core
## Gitlab project SAFRED DwC recipe
Enable public visibility (e.g. for linking from the Freshwater Data Portal (instead of the former Google Code repository)), but only project partners (and others on request?) can contribute for now.
## Occurrence core (“Freshwater Core Template 1.2”)
Required changes:
* Adopt GBIF changes wrt. rights > license
* Quid rightsHolder, accessRights
* Replace reference to BioFresh by SAFRED/FIP as appropriate and update field recommendations (e.g. also referring to event core where relevant)
* Add recommendation categories “deprecated”, “select in IPT” and “auto-generated”
* occurrenceID >> Mandatory for GBIF harvesting
* Mention DOIs generated through IPT.
Side note: the [Darwin Core Archive Assistant]( does not cover event core but has been updated to include “license”
## Event Core documentation
See folder event_core_info
## Event Core fields
Note: these term names have changed
projectID (new)
sampleSize (new)
sampleSizeUnit (new)
quantity (new)
quantityType (new)
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